EU launches Blockchain association INATBA
29. May 2019

Last month, the European Commission sponsored a congregation of industry leaders, tech disruptors

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3. April 2019

The word Blockchain is on everyone’s lips: no company that does not talk about it. No investor who has not heard of it. But real detail knowledge is rare..

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E-invoices: New study by the Fraunhofer Institute
19. September 2018

Electronic invoices have still not arrived in all companies. This is the conclusion reached by…

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Soon mandatory: Electronic Invoices in Italy
15. July 2018

Doing business in Italy? Read all that you should know about mandatory e-invoices in Italy.

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Protect the Environment: With Electronic Invoicing
3. July 2018

Electronic Invoicing can save a great deal of paper and thus protect the environment. Let’s calculate how much paper is currently used.

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What you should know about the EU Directive Electronic Invoicing in Public Procurement
20. June 2018

The European Union aims to accelerate the use of electronic invoicing. The new EU-Directive obliges state authorities to adopt digital invoices. Here is, what that means for companies.

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What is …. an EDI interface?
24. March 2018

Read here what it’s all about and how an EDI interface benefits companies.

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